Quail Hunting in Texas

Texas Quail Hunting

Big Trophy Adventures, LLC offers some of the best wild quail hunting in the Panhandle of Texas. My dog’s are veteran guide dogs and will find, hold, and retrieve your birds. Most of the ranches are easy walking, and we drive the larger tracks and large grass fields. The terrain consists of mesquite and cedar flats, river bottoms, creek bottoms, large lakes and ponds, CRP fields with cover, cover near cultivated fields, and lots of shelter belts and old homesteads. We have great water sources, natural feeding areas, and lots corn feeders also.

A typical day is starting our hunt at the break of dawn, break for short lunch, and back out in the field until 3pm. I try not to hunt my birds past 3pm. This ensures the regrouping of the covey, and decrease the chances of predator pick off the singles. Our coveys average 20 to 25 birds strong, but you will see lots of coveys with birds exceeding 30 to 50 birds.
We guarantee all our clients will have an opportunity to harvest quail, but hitting them is up to the individual hunter. Hunters can bring their own hunting dogs, but guaranteed hunts will only be offered with my guide dogs.

So, if your looking for a guaranteed guided quail hunt, great dog work, and a good fellowship then look no further. Because Big Trophy Adventures, LLC has everything needed for a great hunting adventure, plus come see why they call these areas “The Giant Side of Texas”.

Thanks and God Bless

David Coonrod President/Guide
Big Trophy Adventures, LLC