Big Trophy Adventures has hosted us on an incredible hunt!  Our company decided this year to reward ourselves after a long year with a Texas Whitetail Hunt.  Six of us came out to Texas from Georgia in hopes for a long weekend which would include a good quality hunt, some relaxing atmosphere, and most importantly an experience that would last us a lifetime.  We certainly had all three and more.  From the great accommodations at the lodge, the hearty meals, and the knowledge and experience of our guides, we couldn’t have asked for more.  On our first of eight hunts, five of the six hunters saw shootable bucks.  The quality of the deer, locations of stands and feeders allowed us the perfect opportunity to get the monster buck we were hoping for.  The abundance of wildlife was unbelievable; easily seeing dozens of deer in a single hunt.  David and his guides were extremely knowledgeable about the deer and tactics for giving us the best opportunity.  They went above and beyond with their hospitality and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a good hunt for all of us.  Big Trophy Adventures supplied our company with a memory that none of us will ever forget.  Hopefully we will be back soon for another once in a lifetime opportunity.  I know that you will enjoy yourselves as much as we did!

Charles Woolley


Dear Dave,

Sorry it has taken so long to send you a letter to thank you for your hospitality on our recent Hog Hunt. Madison my 9 year old daughter (8 years old at the time of the hunt) Shot a great hog ! I think we would have got more if the weather was not so bum. Although we did see hogs every day and a lot of Deer and Turkeys. Your hospility was wonderful and you did every thing to get us into the hogs. As a guide myself I really appreciate it a lot. I know the hard work that goes into making these hunts fun and successful. Joe and his son really enjoyed themselves also. How about that shot made by Cody? Two hogs in one shot ! You had a lot of firsts on that hunt.

As I explained before we went on the hunt, we wanted the hunt for the Kids. And that is just how things worked out for the hunt. You can expect us next spring again. I may bring my neighbor, he saw Madison’s hog and now he wants to try hunting them also. If there is any thing I can do for you let me know. Be sure and use my name as a reference if any one wants references.

Thanks again Mark Clark
(Game Ranger Outfitters)